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Overview of TimeTec Parking Ecosystem
5G Transformation: Cloud • Big Data • AIoT

Users Operation
Scan the QR code placed at the barrier gate with e-Wallet app
Find a parking spot to park
Fees will be automatically deducted after scanning the QR code at the exit barrier
Behind the Scene
The app and cloud server working mechanism
The QR code represents the unique serial number of the BLE-2.
App translates the serial number into a unique unlock command to send to the BLE-2.
No Internet connection is required at this step.
Whenever the app goes online, it will send the BLE-2 serial number to the cloud server to determine the parking location and rate.
Cloud server will take the "scan in time" as parking start time.
Internet connection is required for the app to send data to the cloud server.
Users scan the QR code to exit the car park.
No Internet connection is required at this step.
The App will send the "exit time" to the cloud server to compute the parking fare based on the parking rate. The App will autopay for the parking fare via the e-Wallet app.
Internet connection is required for the app to communicate with the cloud server to run the payment process.
The Comparison between Conventional, Semi-Cloud and TimeTec Full Cloud Parking System

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Manage Parking System At Ease

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Manage Parking Lots
Manage Parking Rate
Manage Payment
Manage Access
Manage Record

TimeTec Parking App

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Parking Lots Availability
Parking Rate
Mobile Payment/e-Receipt
QR Access
QR code or LPR access
No more parking tickets.
Cashless and e-Wallet
No payment station needed.
Real-time available parking lots
View from Mobile App
Malls Parkings, come and go at any time,
No pre-registration needed.

Pre-register visitors according to the building's visitor management system's requirements. Integrable with TimeTec VMS for better and efficient visitor management.

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Handle sophisticated parking rate for parking operator

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TimeTec BLE-2 hardware is made integrable with all existing barrier gates.

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Set LPR as the primary access method to achieve an uninterrupted barrier gate access.

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Integrable with TimeTec Access to streamline access control system for office tower

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The App can be integrated with TimeTec's i-Merchants and i-Ad platform ecosystem to benefit local retailers to promote products and services, and generate extra income for parking operators.
HERE FOR YOU 24/7/365
TimeTec Support is available to assist you, 24/7 all year long. Find out how you can reach to us.
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We speak your language
TimeTec Parking is available in 20 languages; on web and mobile app.
English • Spanish • Indonesian • Malay • Chinese Traditional • Chinese Simplified • Thai • Arabic • Vietnamese • German • Portuguese • Hindi • Japanese • Turkish and more...

TimeTec is in compliance with various standards and certifications.
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