Season parking
TimeTec Parking has comprehensive features in Season Parking, to reach end users for both individual season parkers and company level for season parking booking and renewal for its employees.
Company and personal booking
Season pass application, renewal, transfer & termination
Access card or Mobile App QR code access
Alert users for renewal
TimeTec Parking Season Pass System Overview
Season Pass Admin Management
Season pass charging
Season pass by company
Manage admin company by individual
Season Pass under individual company
Multiple user admin login by company
Individual report by company
Parking Charging Rate
Promotion Code
System Report for Season Pass
Parking Lot list report
Parking Floor list report
Entry and Exit Transaction Report
Vehicle Monitoring Report
Payment Monitoring Report
Season Pass Report
Manual Check out report
Monthly revenue report
Daily revenue report
Total revenue report
TimeTec Parking App for Season Parking
User can purchase either individual or group season pass under company name and pay online.