Next activity flow
People Flow: Visitor & Employee
Current Problem: Standalone & Not Connected
(ticket system)
  Visitor registration
(call host)
(access to any floor)
  Employee/visitor access to a facility   Employee/visitor check-out   Pay parking fee
1. TimeTec Access for Employees
Employee parks via TnG / QR Code   Employee accesses turnstile, lift and doors via face recognition   Leave parking
2. TimeTec VMS for Visitor
Visitor face pre-register with selfie   Visitor parks the car
(TnG /QR Code)
  Host received notification via App   Visitor access turnstile, lift, door via face recognition   Meeting   Visitor check-out   Leave parking
Current Problem: Standalone & Not Connected
(ticket system)
  Start Shopping at different shops   Eat at restaurant   Pay parking fee   Leave parking
TimeTec i-Ad   i-Merchants
Visitor parks the car
(TnG RFID /QR Code)
  Advertisement pop out
when boom gate open
  Promo Code to use at
shops and restaurant
  Leave parking
Workforce Management
Current Problem: Standalone & Not Connected
Parking, Casual or season   Attendance clocking   Outstation   On the go   Work from home   Apply Leave
TimeTec Patrol   TimeTec TA   TimeTec Leave