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Never parking is the sole activity, and no parking act is meant for parking, parking always ties to another or a string of other activities. Shoppers park their cars to shop, workers park their cars to work, partygoers park their cars to party, and even when we park our cars outside of our house, the primary purpose is we want to go home. Parking is not a standalone activity; hence the modern TimeTec Parking System is a part of TimeTec ecosystem to connect with other activities and add extra value to the building owners, and users.

Imagine the moment when you drive past the boom-gate of your gated and guarded home enclave, your car porch light automatically turned on; and alerted you the moment your VIP guest reached the car park so you'd have a little extra time to get prepared or send the discount e-coupon for a shopper's favourite item the moment he/she parked the car at the shopping mall.

All these and many more are made possible and available with TimeTec Parking System Ecosystem.
People Flow: Visitor & Employee
Current Problem: Standalone & Not Connected
(ticket system)
  Visitor registration
(call host)
(access to any floor)
  Employee/visitor access to a facility   Employee/visitor check-out   Pay parking fee
1. TimeTec Access for Employees
Employee parks via TnG / QR Code   Employee accesses turnstile, lift and doors via face recognition   Leave parking
2. TimeTec VMS for Visitor
Visitor face pre-register with selfie   Visitor parks the car
(TnG /QR Code)
  Host received notification via App   Visitor access turnstile, lift, door via face recognition   Meeting   Visitor check-out   Leave parking
Current Problem: Standalone & Not Connected
(ticket system)
  Start Shopping at different shops   Eat at restaurant   Pay parking fee   Leave parking
TimeTec i-Ad   i-Merchants
Visitor parks the car
(TnG RFID /QR Code)
  Advertisement pop out
when boom gate open
  Promo Code to use at
shops and restaurant
  Leave parking
Workforce Management
Current Problem: Standalone & Not Connected
Parking, Casual or season   Attendance clocking   Outstation   On the go   Work from home   Apply Leave
TimeTec Patrol   TimeTec TA   TimeTec Leave