All types of parking scenarios
Off-Street Parking
The construction cost for off-street parking is relatively high. Off-street parking needs securing of land, paving, installation of a toll collection system, equipment, and construction of administrative buildings etc, it's involved more investment than on-street parking. Off street does not require enforcement and the facility can be operated solely by the private sector.

TimeTec Parking offers a wide range of parking access and cashless payment methods for parking operators/building owners to suit all types of requirements. Our cloud parking solution can consolidate data from multiple parking sites, provides real time analytical dashboard for parking operators/building owners to sweat their parking bays and optimize their profits.
On-Street Parking
When vehicles are parked on the street, along with the sidewalk or anywhere on the street is called on-street parking. In some streets, you can always park your vehicle on the street, but sometimes there are restrictions. There are also on-street parking situations where you need a parking permit to park. The development cost of on-street parking is relatively low. On street parking needs some physical changes like painting, installation of signage, parking meters, etc. If terms of the operational arrangement, for on-street parking, inspection by traffic police, cities hire enforcement officers or private sector is required.

TimeTec Parking offers on-street parking solution which can be integrated with the backend TimeTec Parking Management System to provide consolidated parking income for building owners or parking operators.
The on-street and off-street parking of TimeTec Parking cover both Casual and Season Parking
Casual Parking
Casual parking normally is charged hourly, it's flexible, convenience and accessible by any casual parkers. TimeTec Parking System for casual parking is the perfect solution for short stays and convenience.

Casual and hourly parking is perfect for those periods when you need flexibility. It's a great way to park for a quick shop or meeting near your destination. You simply pay by the hour for the duration spent.

A variety of cashless payment combined parking methods are offered by TimeTec Parking, for example, credit & debit card, eWallet (QR Code), Touch 'n Go RFID & TNG eWallet (Malaysia only) License Plate Recognition (LPR) etc as effective parking.
Season Parking
Season parking allows vehicle owner to park his/her vehicle on regular basis, near his/her home or workplace at a fixed monthly rate.

TimeTec Parking allows administrator to manage all season pass applications, renewals and terminations online. The season pass users can review, purchase, renew and terminate season passes via TimeTec Parking web portal or mobile app.

Besides individual season pass, corporate admin can login into TimeTec Parking to do bulk purchase, renew or termination season passes. Corporate admin can assign or transfer season passes to employees via TimeTec Parking app anytime.

TimeTec Parking accepts all type of online payment (credit cards or e-wallets) to ease individual or company admin to subscribe and renew for season passes via web portal or mobile app. All receipts will be sent to individual or company admin via emails, and also a copy into individual account.
Valet Parking
TimeTec Valet, a cloud-based valet parking system, helps valet parking business owners to eliminate the cash handling risk, increase the daily operational efficiency and provide better payment convenience to the valet customers.
Event Parking
Managing crowds in an event is always hectic, with a surge of vehicles flooded to the parking site that burdens the organizer. But car parking also generates extra income. With TimeTec Event Parking management system, it helps event organizer collecting parking revenue and managing traffic efficiently. More importantly, with our ready API, it can be integrated as part of your event management ecosystem.