Analytics & predictive
Today, most companies emphasize data to drive business decisions. The same for parking business, a better data analytics capability to gain valuable insights that lead to more-informed actions in parking system will improve the parking revenue.

TimeTec Smart Parking Ecosystem, with many available next activity flows provides 4 types of data analytics namely descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive for building owners or parking operators to sweat the parking bays.
Comprehensive analytics dashboard
Occupancy rate analysis
Show earning by days/ months
Show earning by payment types
Show peak and off-peak hours
Full range customizable charts
TimeTec Parking Prescriptive Analytics recommends actions parking operators can take to benefit them with those outcomes.
TimeTec Parking Predictive Analytics predicts what is most likely to happen in the future.
TimeTec Parking Diagnostic Analytics helps the parking operator to understand why something happened in the past.
TimeTec Parking Descriptive Analytics tells the parking operators what happened in the past.
Both descriptive analytics and diagnostic analytics drill the historical data to explain what happened and why it happened. Predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics use historical data to forecast what will happen in the future and what actions you can take to affect those outcomes. Forward-thinking building owners or parking operators use a variety of analytics together to make smart decisions that help their parking business to grow.