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TimeTec Parking App
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Great Features

To make your parking experience swift and smooth, TimeTec Parking app has prepared useful features to make it work at its best. By using TimeTec Parking App, you will be able to know the available parking lots that you can park your car at and check the parking rate details. Besides access parking using LPR and BLE2, you can also opt to access parking lots by scanning QR code. Parking history is recorded in your account and you can print them out for claiming reimbursement purposes when necessary. We also enhance your user experience by giving shops info nearby the parking area using our sophisticated commercial apps - i-Merchants and i-AD.
Parking Lots Availability
Parking Rate
Mobile Payment/e-Receipt
QR Access
Easy access to carpark lots by scanning QR code using TimeTec Parking App
Cashless Payment, No Queueing Needed.
Pay for parking before leaving carpark without needing to queue at paying counter, shift and smooth. You can even apply promo code to enjoy discount and select your preferable payment method via the app.
Enjoy Discount Using Promo Code
Parking users can get instant discount on parking fee when paying via our app just by entering the promo code.
Check Parking History Anytime For Your Own Record
Never Compromise Security for Convenience
On top of user's convenience, we make sure your account is secure and exclusive by tighting it with your handphone number.