Frequently Asked Questions
On Registration
1. As a car owner, what shall I do to register as a TimeTec Parking System's user?

You will first have to download TimeTec Parking App, register a user account by using your phone number, fill up the registration form, along with at least one or more payment methods (eg. credit card, debit card, e-wallet and etc). The full online payment now only working for Malaysia market.

2. Can a car owner register more than one car?

Yes. The parking fees will be auto-charged to the car that has been registered under the owner's name even though it is being driven by someone else when LPR method is being used for access. But if QR Code is being used for car park access, smartphone is deployed, then payment will be charged to the smartphone user.

3. What if the driver of the car is not a registered owner, can he/she still use the QR code to access the parking area?

No. Because the QR Code can only be accessed by using a registered owner's smartphone.

4. Can the LPR recognize number plates with uncommon designs?

There are two ways to solve this problem. The first is to suggest car owners to change their number plate. Otherwise, please report the design to us so that our machine learning software could learn to recognize the number plate. The second is to use the QR code access method, if the premises is installed with BLE-2.

5. Do I need to pay extra surcharge for parking fee for TimeTec Parking?

It depends on car park operators. TimeTec Parking will encourage car park operators to charge only parking rate and abolish any surcharge.

On Installation
1. If my office tower/shopping mall is interested in installing TimeTec Parking, what should I do, and what is the investment cost?

You may write to us at [email protected] to find out more, basically your initial investment cost is zero, we will provide all the necessities (not including barrier gates and its access control system and accessories) and system maintenance, and will only charge a minimum of 3-7% processing fee for each transaction. If the monthly collection is low, then a monthly surcharge would be imposed to the parking operator.

2. As a parking operator who already managed a few parking operations, can TimeTec Parking System integrate and co-exist with my old parking system?

Yes. Old users can still use the old method to access and pay parking fee. Our system just need to integrate BLE-2 or LPR to the access controller for your current parking barrier. Our hardware will provide the unlock signal for your existing access controller without interrupting your existing software. The parking fees calculation are perform in our cloud server, based on the access records. Therefore, it does not affect your existing system at all.

3. As a parking operator, can I choose to install either BLE-2 or LPR? Is it compulsory to have both for the access methods?

By default, we will install both, unless the parking operator insists on using just one access method.

4. If my office tower wants to set up a private parking system for guests and employees only rather than a public cloud parking system, can I use TimeTec Parking?

Yes. You can set your preference on our cloud server on whether your parking area is open for public or private use. And, for LPR, you may opt to use the on-premises LPR system.

On Payment
1. How will the system guarantee that the car owners have enough credit in their e-wallet to pay for their parking fees?

Each time the car owners enter the premise, the system will auto-lock a certain amount from their e-wallet (according to the setting of each parking operator) to ensure that they have enough credit for the parking fees whenever they leave the premises.

2. What if the car owners do not have sufficient credit for the system to lock the credit in advanced?

The system will send a notification to the car owners when they've entered the parking area. As such, they are not allowed to access the barrier gate at the exit if they don't top up their credit within their e-wallet. If the users' primary payment method is via credit card, then the payment will not be an issue.

3. I need to claim the parking fee from my company, how can I do that?

Users can retrieve and print the e-Receipt anytime from their App or TimeTec Parking Web.

On Internet Connection
1. How about in the event whereby there is no Internet connection?

BLE-2 uses edge-computing technology. Therefore, as long as the Bluetooth is functioning, the entry and exit access will still be in operation as usual. For LPR that utilizes 2 types of technology: cloud-based or PC-based. If the Internet is down, the operator can switch the LPR from cloud-based to PC-based. The only downside is that the operator must install the LPR software and PC in the control center/monitoring room to link up all of the cameras. We are now offering on-premises LPR, cloud LPR is still on progress.

2. Would the lack of Internet affect the collection of parking fees as well?

No. As long as the network is established, for example 4G, the access records from the Mobile App would automatically be sent to the cloud server for fees calculation and deduction. For PC-based LPR, the system will save all access records and push it to the cloud server for fees calculation and deduction.

On Technical Issues
1. If a parking operator maintains an old system and installed TimeTec Parking in a parking area, can users use conventional system and a new system at the same time to access parking barrier gate?

No. Users can only opt for one access method, either old system by retrieving the parking ticket or new system LPR/QR code to trigger the barrier gate. Note that both parking systems have their own payment system.

2. When a premises installs both LPR and BLE-2 at the same time, how would the access method be prioritized? Which will be the primary and which will be the secondary?

If both methods are installed, the LPR will be the default access method because the car number plate would be read automatically without any human intervention. However, the operator must first register the car number plate into the system.

3. What is the accuracy rate of your LPR system?

Reliability rate for our LPR is 95%. The rate will be improved from time to time based on our built-in machine learning technology.

4. If the barrier gate is down, how can the operator collect the fees at the exit?

If the LPR is in operation as usual, it will read car's number plate at the exit. Hence, the system will automatically deduct the parking fees from the car owner. If BLE-2 is deployed, please ensure that the car owner scans the QR code at the exit before leaving the premise.

5. How will the same process occur at the entrance if the parking barrier is down?

It will be the same as for the exit, as long that the LPR is functioning, it can read the number plate when the car owner is entering the premise. For BLE-2 deployment, please ensure that the car owner scans their QR code when entering the premise.

6. How about for situations whereby the LPR camera or BLE-2 is down?

If a parking area is installed with both LPR and BLE-2, the system can still run perfectly even if one of the device malfunction; the only issue is that the car owner can only access the premise using one option, either LPR or BLE-2 (number plate or QR code scanning). If both devices malfunction, then the operator has to be stationed at the entrance and exit to assist in the parking process as well as record each car's number plate accessing the area.

On System Expansion
1. Can TimeTec Parking System integrate with other cloud solutions like TimeTec VMS and TimeTec Access?

Yes. That is the whole idea of TimeTec Cloud, which is to build an effective cloud ecosystem. TimeTec Parking can be integrated with TimeTec VMS, Visitor Management System for office tower to handle visitors. This is done to allow for better automation and control.

2. How about i-Ad and i-Merchants, can the solution be used with TimeTec Parking to push advertisement for users when they arrived at certain premises such as a shopping mall?

Yes. TimeTec provides i-Ad for ad-push feature and i-Merchants for near field merchants listing based on distance; both can be integrated with TimeTec Parking to add value to the system.