Frequently Asked Questions
On Installation
1. If my office tower/shopping mall is interested in installing TimeTec Parking, what should I do, and what is the investment cost?

We have different pricing models for TimeTec Parking System. It’s very much depending on your requirements. You may write to us to find out more at

2. As a parking operator who already managed a few parking operations, can TimeTec Parking System integrate and co-exist with my old parking system?

Yes. You can choose to upgrade or integrate the old system with TimeTec Parking System.

3. As a parking operator/building owner, I know TimeTec Parking supports many types of parking access methods, can I choose my preference, or do you have any recommendations?

Yes, you can have your preference in selecting the parking access methods. Go cashless definitely is the trend. If you are managing parking site in Malaysia, we suggest you go for TNG RFID (with TNG Card as back up) because it provides the best parking experience for users for its touchless and cashless capabilities and vast user base.

4. If my office tower wants to set up a private parking system for guests and employees only rather than a public cloud parking system, can I use TimeTec Parking?

Yes. You can set your preference on our cloud server on whether your parking area is open for public or private use.

On Next Activity Flows
1. Can TimeTec Parking System integrate with other cloud solutions like TimeTec VMS and TimeTec Access?

Yes. That is the whole idea of TimeTec Cloud, which is to build an effective cloud ecosystem. TimeTec Parking can be integrated with TimeTec VMS, Visitor Management System for office tower to handle visitors. This is done to allow for better automation and control.

2. How about i-Ad and i-Merchants, can the solution be used with TimeTec Parking to push advertisement for users when they arrived at certain premises such as a shopping mall?

Yes. TimeTec provides i-Ad for ad-push feature and i-Merchants for near field merchants listing based on distance; both can be integrated with TimeTec Parking to add value to the system.

3. How about TimeTec TA & TimeTec Leave? Any added values if integrated with TimeTec Parking?

TimeTec TA (Time & attendance) and TimeTec Leave (Leave Management) are both TimeTec workforce management system. If both systems integrate with TimeTec Parking, they will provide employees who also season parkers to free their parking lots for Parking Airbnb (Please refer to Parking Airbnb) for better automation.

On Payment
1. How will the system guarantee that the car owners have enough credit in their e-wallet to pay for their parking fees?

It’s all depends on how the parking bay owner/parking operator to set their own system. For example, each time the car owners enter the premises, the system will auto-lock a certain amount from their e-wallet (according to the setting of each parking operator) to ensure that they have enough credit for the parking fees whenever they leave the premises. Or, a better way is based on trust or parking operator absorbs the calculated risk, which allowed users to enter and exit even they don’t have enough credit, only deduct the parking fees whenever they top up their credit.

2. What if the car owners do not have sufficient credit for the system to lock the credit in advanced?

The system will send a notification to the car owners when they've entered the parking area. As such, they are not allowed to access the barrier gate at the exit if they don't top up their credit within their e-wallet. If the users' primary payment method is via credit card, then the payment will not be an issue. Or another method is, set the system to allow users to enter and exit even they don’t have enough credit, only deduct the parking fees whenever they top up their credit.

3. I need to claim the parking fee from my company, how can I do that?

Users can retrieve and print the e-Receipt anytime from their App or TimeTec Parking Web.

On License Plate Recognition (LPR)
1. Does TimeTec Smart License Plate Recognition (LPR) work with TimeTec Parking System?

Yes. TimeTec Smart LPR is one of the access methods for TimeTec Parking. It can be used for both casual and season parking.

2. How does LPR camera know when to view the vehicle's license plate?

To install LPR system, it is a must to have vehicle's detection loop or induction loop. It will trigger the LPR camera to read the vehicle's plate number when the vehicle passing and arriving to a certain point. The induction loop consists of the loop, loop extension cable and a detector. Most boom gate installers are familiar with induction loops. Click here for more info.

3. Is TimeTec Smart LPR access rate 100%?

TimeTec Smart LPR deploys OCR, Optical Character Recognition Technology that converts images it scanned into text format. The access rate also depends on the external environment such as image quality. For example, if a car plate number is covered with mud and causes readability problem, it will affect the accuracy. In general condition, the access rate of TimeTec Smart LPR is 99.5% accurate. And TimeTec LPR is built with deep learning technology to improve its accuracy from time to time.

4. The car park operation can’t afford the failure of LPR reading even the chances is low to avoid long queue and complaints, what is your solution to solve this from happening?

TimeTec Parking provides a backup parking access method in case LPR failure. TimeTec BLE-2 with QR code reading is the best backup method for LPR.

On Season Parking
1. What is season parking?

Season parking allows vehicle owner to park his/her vehicle on regular basis, near his/her home or workplace at a fixed monthly rate.

2. Is TimeTec Parking System supports both individual and company booking for season parking?

Yes. TimeTec Parking System supports both.

3. Can season parkers receive renewal reminder and pay online?


On Touch ‘n Go Card (TnG) and Touch ‘n Go RFID
1. What is Touch ‘n Go card?

The Touch 'n Go card is used by Malaysian toll expressway and highway operators as the sole electronic payment system (EPS). It is also one of the most popular used cashless payment and access method for parking sites in Malaysia.

2. What is TnG RFID?

The TNG RFID Tag is a sticker that is embedded with a radio frequency chip, and unique to each user. Affixed to either the windscreen or headlamp of the vehicle, the tags are tied to the Touch ‘n Go eWallet and used as a form of electronic payment for tolls across the country; providing drivers a safer, hassle-free drive. Soon this electronic payment mode will be expanded to other facilities including paying for fuel and parking in Malaysia.

3. What is the uniqueness of TnG RFID to be used in Parking?

The TNG RFID further enhancing the parking experience. Besides cashless and seamlessly integrated with TNG eWallet for auto-deduction of parking fees; TnG RFID touchless feature to automate the uplifting of boom gate at the entry and exit points in line with the future parking trend.

4. How can I install the RFID Tag?

i.Clean the surface of the windscreen or headlamp.>
ii.Peel off the TNG RFID Tag.
iii.Install TNG RFID Tag on the outside of the upper left windscreen or left headlamp (passenger side)

5. How do I register/activate my TNG RFID Tag?

i. Click on the RFID icon on the home screen of your Touch 'n Go eWallet app.
ii. Click on the 'Activate' button.
iii. Fill/Check your account details.
iv. Register your vehicle.
v. Enter the 24-digit RFID Tag number or scan the bar code on the TNG RFID Tag packaging.
vi. Activate by authorising the activation.

6. How do I use RFID touch and go?

Follow the steps below:

i. Register an account on
ii. Insert the TNG RFID Tag number & add your vehicle details.
iii. Link your TNG RFID Tag to your Touch 'n Go eWallet.
iv. An activation notification will be sent to you within 24 hours.

7. How durable is the RFID sticker?

According to TNG, the RFID sticker is made to last for an average of five years and is made of high durable material that can withstand various weather conditions, including heat and rain. It is also recommended to avoid chemical wash directly onto the sticker.

8. Are you able to have multiple vehicles linked to one TNG eWallet account?


9. Is TimeTec an authorized System Integrator for Touch ‘n Go RFID?

Yes, TimeTec is an authorized System Integrator, and TimeTec is also Strategic Partner for both TNG Card and TNG RFID for parking.

10. Can a parking site opt just one TNG parking method, either TNG Card or TNG RFID?

Parking site can opt to install just TNG card only, but if TNG RFID is deployed, TNG Card would be a default as a backup system. And eventually all parking sites will have both, TNG RFID as primary, TNG card as secondary parking system.

On Parking Airbnb
1. What is Airbnb for parking?

It is a new concept for sweating the carpark bays by renting out the unutilized parking bay at certain period to those who needed it. For example, you are a season parker at an office tower, but allowed to work from home every alternate week, or with job function required you to regularly go out station/overseas. You can free the vacant parking bay to ease the parking bay shortage during peak hours and yield extra income or reducing your monthly carpark rental

2. How it works?

a. Firstly, the parking operator/building owner/JMB (Joint Management Body) for residential community has to agree in principal and subscribe to TimeTec Parking Airbnb.
b. Parking bay owner/season parker will have to fill up the form, agreed to free their parking bay via TimeTec Parking App whenever vacant.
c. Parker can search through our Parking App to view the available parking sites and bays and pre-books and pays for the selected parking bay.
d. Parking bay owner/season parker might need to share their parking income with the parking operator/building owner/JMB.

3. Rather than short-time-parking, can it be long-term season parking as well for the parking Airbnb?

Yes, it most probably happened at residential property, because the car park owners when drive to work daily, may free their parking bays during the weekdays and daytime. We called it conditional season parking.

4. What do you mean by conditional season parking?

Parkers only allowed to access and park during the specific days and hours.

5. How the parkers access our boomgate, entry and exit our condominium?

Authorized parkers scanning QR code displayed at the entry and exit lanes via TimeTec Parking App.

6. How the parkers pay their parking fees?

Parkers pay their casual or monthly Airbnb parking fee via FPX bank transfer, credit card, eWallet on TimeTec Parking App.

7. Is it secure to let outsiders to park their cars in a neighbourhood?

a. Conditional season parking is not casual parking, limited in number and authorized parkers only.
b. Parkers are using non-transferable QR code to access.
c. e-form can be customized. Since parkers normally are working nearby, easily to carry out due diligence.

8. If the parking owner on leave or fall sick, how he/she frees his/her parking bay during that particular days?

As the agreement signed, the parking owner has to fulfill his responsibility to free his parking bay or has to make his own arrangement.

9. What are the best hours for conditional season parking days and times?

Monday-Friday (8.30 am – 6.30 pm) excluding public holidays

10. What are the best charges for the casual and conditional season parking rate?

There is no one standard charge rate, it is advisable Parking Operator/Building Owner/JMB set their parking rate lower than the normal nearby car park’s season parking fee charged to the casual Airbnb & conditional season parkers.

11. Are casual & conditional Airbnb season parkers free to park everywhere they like?

No. They have to park at the specific parking bays assigned to each parker.

12. How if the conditional season parker failed to pay monthly rental?

Our system will auto bar them from entering the enclave after expiry date.

13. Is there any agreement signed between conditional season parkers and the JMB?

Yes. Like any ordinary parking site, any conditional season parker has to sign an agreement with Parking Operator/JMB. We will provide a sample customizable agreement for Parking Operator/JMB to adopt.

14. Is Parking Operator/JMB should provide a floor plan for parkers to choose on App?

Yes. It is advisable for Parking Operator/JMB to do so. Any available vacant carpark bay(with lot number) will be showed in green color, and taken will be showed in red on TimeTec Parking App.

15. What types of residential communities suitable to offer Parking Airbnb facility to earn passive income?

Only those gated and guarded residential communities that surrounded by offices, colleges, commercial areas, or nearby LRT stations and short of parking spaces are suitable to offer parking Airbnb services.

16. Should I consider using Parking Airbnb?

A few criteria should be considered before becoming conditional seasonal parker:

a. There is a parking Airbnb site nearby your workplace, and within walking distance;
b. Your working time is stable, no irregular working hours or OT;
c. The Airbnb parking rate is cheaper than your workplace’s.

17. Can individual car park owners offer the service to the public?

No. At the moment we only deal and sign contract with Parking Operator/Building Owner/JMB. All individual parking owners has to convince their management to join the Parking Airbnb service and collectively offer their car parks via management.

18. As a Parking Operator/Building Owner/JMB, how shall we start to offer the Parking Airbnb services?

Please write to us at We will contact you once we received your email.

19. As we know TimeTec has i-Neighbour Smart Residential Community System as well. Can TimeTec Parking Airbnb integrate with i-Neighbour and what are the benefits for the integration?

Yes. They can be integrated or standalone. By integrating two systems, residents/parking owners can fill up the e-form via i-Neighbour to take part in Parking Airbnb service. Besides, the monies they made from offering this service can be credited into their account every month or use to knock-off part of their maintenance fees.

20. Can TimeTec automates the Parking Airbnb for season parkers at office towers?

Yes. TimeTec Parking System is famous with its next activity flows. If the office tower is subscribing TimeTec TA (Time & Attendance solution) and TimeTec Leave (Leave management), the systems can integrate with TimeTec Parking Airbnb. Whenever a staff is taking leave, outstation, on field, overseas, work from home, his season parking bay can be automatically free for Airbnb purpose.