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Manage Parking System At Ease
Using Our Dedicated Admin Portal

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Multifunctional Tool To Simplify Parking System

Managing parking system is not easy, however we strive to assist you by simplifying the complicated process. Using our dedicated admin portal, carpark manager can manage parking users, parking lots, parking rates and even promotional codes easily. This admin portal is provided in our TimeTec Parking web application, you can set up parking lots according to your designated plan, group the parking users into "public" and "user" types. To determine your parking rates, you can add in setting for "holiday", "access time" and "duration" etc. We have equipped the admin portal with features that can help you manage your parking system more efficient and easier. And most importantly all payment transaction will be via online payment, which is cashless and will definitely shred off your burden to manage cash payment.
Manage Parking Lots
Manage Parking Rate
Manage Payment
Manage Access
Parking Records
Online Transactions,
Paperless Administration

All parking and payment transactions are done online, therefore parking management doesn't need to prepare parking card, paper receipts which can directly reduce the operation cost. Online payment transaction reduces burden in managing cash and contributes to secured payment collection.
Manage Parking Lots Easily Via Web Application
Group Carpark Users To Manage Rate Easier
Define Parking Rates Based on User Group, Parking Lots, Holiday or Access Time
Manage & Monitor User Access and Exit/Entrance Channels via Admin Portal
Generate Analysis Reports Effortlessly

Parking records and analysis reports are important for management especially to reflect the operation and earnings. TimeTec Parking provides great convenience for the parking managers so that they can get generated reports by simple clicks. The reports you can get from the admin portal include Access Record, Payment Transaction Listing, Season Pass Transaction Listing and Earning Analysis.