Parking Technology Revolution is Around the Corner Release of
App by June End

FingerTec News | 05/May/2020
TimeTec is releasing the TimeTec Parking app by the End of June 2020!
Digital parking is a solution developed by the initiative of improving efficiency and lowering management costs. Inspire by the idea of how automated parking can save space, time, money and eventually the Earth. As parking technologies transform, more opportunities have been given to integrating equipment software that refine offered solutions and formulate better solutions for parking-related complications.

This is another step forward to innovation. Targeting the upcoming revolution of parking technology, TimeTec Parking has been put in place. This advanced parking management system is another demonstration of advancement established by TimeTec Computing Sdn. Bhd. to ensure free-flowing vehicles for visitors and a scalable parking system for authorities.
Benefits of Smart Parking Technology (IoT)
QR Access
Adopt the fastest and cost-effective method for parking access. QR can be scanned from any direction with minimal background view obstruction. This is a beneficial approach for both customers and businesses. Businesses save cost from distributing a QR code whereas customers avoid the chances of paying the absurd amount for lost tickets.
Integrated Payments
Promote the use of Cashless and Cardless. Introducing a far easier parking experience for drivers with increased security for both customers and management. Payment gateway integration option with Smart Parking processes all major credit cards and merchants. There is no need to look for an automatic payment machine that is located two floors above. Just click on your mobile devices, the payment will be automatically deducted from the linked payment account.
Reduce Traffic
Optimizes traffic flows in the areas with no queuing nor congestion at entry and exit points. When drivers know where to go, it reduces idling and unnecessary driving.
Car Parking Spot Tracker
The inability to locate a parking space is stressful and frustrating. This parking technology makes it easier to locate empty parking spaces before the drivers' arrival. This is the best feature for all drivers, especially during peak times. Let alone the amount of patience and time lost in the search of a parking space, it reduces the friction and the overall experience when the availability of lots is clearly indicated on the app.
Rates Indicator
Knowing what is going to cost for the period of time stayed at a particular place beforehand is another useful feature that parking technology can achieve. These app-based payments and dynamic parking tariffs are proof of the possibility of creating new business models.
Parking History
The account linked to your mobile number allows users to view and download parking history online via the mobile app. More structured data that provides insight into business operation.
Enforcement Effectiveness
Acquirable real-time data and insights to stay alert within and out activities happening around the parking. Make full advantage to create a far easier parking experience and activity tracing with live monitoring.
TimeTec Parking offers a consistent platform to manage your parking needs.
Let your organizations grow with the future. Maximize parking profits.

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